Tips for New Riders

The top 6 transit riding tips for new riders.

Top 6 Tips for New Transit Riders

  1. No one likes guessing when the bus or train will arrive. Check the schedule online, or download the OneBusAway App to look up real-time and scheduled arrivals.

  2. Arrive a few minutes early to your stop or station.

  3. When waiting for the bus, stand near the bus stop signage and signal as the vehicle approaches.

  4. Paying in cash or coins can delay the bus. Help make the trip faster for everyone and pre-load cash fare onto a Breeze Card.

  5. Transit staff are your friends and can help answer your questions. Let a bus driver know if you’re unfamiliar with where to get off, or ask a rail station agent if you’re unfamiliar with the system.

  6. Take advantage of your new found productivity time on transit: bring a book, listen to a podcast, or catch-up on emails.