Biking & Transit

Taking your bike on transit can get you to your destination without breaking a sweat.

Biking/transit connections

The Atlanta region is ideal to combine biking and transit. If you’ve ever biked around Atlanta, you’ve noticed the hilly landscape. Let transit help you conquer those hills.

Bike Facility and Transit Station Map

Bike repair stations

Have a flat? You’re in luck! Bike repair stations are available (or soon-to-be) at seven MARTA train stations: Chamblee, East Point, Edgewood/Candler Park, Five Points, Lindbergh Center, North Avenue and West End.

Plan a transit trip with your bike!

In addition to planning transit-only or bike-only trips, ATLtransit supports multimodal, bike-to-transit trips.

The ATLtransit trip planner optimizes your bike ride and transit trip to help you extend the distance you can travel with your bike.

Plan a bike + transit trip

Bikes on the bus

Nearly every local bus in the region has space for two bikes on the front bike rack (some express services do not have bike racks, so please check with your commuter bus provider about specific routes).

Never tried to bring your bike to the bus? Don’t worry: it’s so easy, even a zombie can do it.