Paratransit, as well as most fixed route (i.e., bus and train) services, are available to eligible seniors and persons with disabilities.


mobility services

Every transit agency that operates fixed route service is required by federal law to operate a complementary paratransit service.

Here is a listing of all the paratransit services available in the Atlanta region:

Agency Service Links
CATS CATS Paratransit More detailsParatransit website link
CobbLinc CobbLinc Paratransit More detailsParatransit website link
GCT GCT Paratransit More detailsParatransit website link
MARTA MARTA Mobility More detailsParatransit website link

View agency information for more on each agency’s paratransit offerings »


mobility services

Eligibility for paratransit trips is determined on two levels:

  1. Person-level - individual eligibility is determined by each transit agency.

    To learn more about eligibility requirements for each agency, review the agency information pages.

  2. Trip-level - for any given trip, both the origin and destination must fall within the agency’s service area.

    To see if your trip qualifies, visit the Paratransit map.

Planning your trip

SimplyGetThere website

Simply Get There is a trip planning tool specifically designed for comparing specialized services like paratransit with other mobility options.

Plan my trip

The website pulls together a large database of door-to-door and curb-to-curb transportation providers, along with public transit and other resources.

Need to quickly check whether your trip qualifies? Use the ATLtransit paratransit map.