How to transfer

Wondering what makes a successful transfer? Here, you can learn when, where, and how.

The basics

Local trips involving a single transit agency (e.g. MARTA)

  • Transfers between local buses of the same operator are free (except for Xpress).
  • Bus to rail (and vice versa) transfers are always free (according to transfer rules).
  • Tranfers from a local bus to an express bus may require an upcharge (e.g. CobbLinc Local to CobbLinc Express).

Trips involving more than one transit agency (e.g. MARTA + CobbLinc)

  • You must use a Breeze Card to receive a free transfer.
  • MARTA must begin or end your journey. (No transfers between regional transit operators.)
  • Your Breeze Card must have an stored cash value or the specific operator’s fare product to begin a regional trip.

Learn more about the cost of trips involving multiple operators »

How transfers work

  1. Board a bus or train with your Breeze Card.
  2. Arrive at your point of transfer (see major transfer stations below).
  3. Using the same Breeze Card, board the next vehicle on your trip.

Note: If you do not have a Breeze Card, you will have to pay the full-priced fare for each bus or train you board.

Transfer rules

Each agency has its own specific rules about transfers, but here are some general rules of thumb.

Always FREE when you use your Breeze Card

You must use your Breeze Card (either cash value or the fare required by the first leg)

Valid for 3 to 4 hours from start of trip (depending on agency)

Limit of 3 to 4 transfers (depending on agency)

Use the fare calculator to get specific details about transfer rules for your trip

Transfer restrictions

It’s a little confusing, but there are some restrictions about when you can collect a free transfer, depending on which transit agencies your trip involves.

Does your journey involve MARTA?

  • If so, you may transfer for free to (or from) any regional transit operator (except Streetcar).
  • Regional transit operators include CobbLinc, Gwinnett County Transit and Xpress.

Does your journey involve two different regional/express bus transit operators?

  • Sorry, free transfers directly between CobbLinc, GCT and XPress is not allowed.
  • You must start or end your transit trip on MARTA to qualify for a free transfer.

Major transfer stations

Xpress, CobbLinc, and GCT all have connection points at major MARTA stations for convenient access to MARTA’s extensive rail and bus network.

View our interactive map for more details »

  • Lindbergh MARTA GRTA
  • Dunwoody MARTA CobbLinc GRTA
  • North Springs MARTA GRTA
  • Medical Center MARTA GRTA
  • Arts Center MARTA GCT CobbLinc GRTA
  • Midtown MARTA GCT CobbLinc GRTA
  • North Avenue MARTA GCT CobbLinc GRTA
  • Civic Center MARTA GCT CobbLinc GRTA
  • Peachtree Center MARTA ATL
  • Five Points MARTA GCT CobbLinc GRTA
  • Cumberland Mall MARTA CobbLinc
  • Hamilton E. Holmes MARTA CobbLinc
  • Doraville MARTA GCT

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