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Inter-agency transfers

Question: Can I get a free transfer between CobbLinc and GCT buses?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Free transfers are only given when transfering from MARTA or to MARTA from one of the regional transit operators (CobbLinc, Gwinnett County Transit or Xpress). More info »

Question: How long is my free transfer valid?

Answer: Free transfers between transit operators are valid for varying lengths of time. Here’s a quick look at how long transfers are valid:

  • Transfer from MARTA: 3 hours
  • Transfer from GCT: 1.5 hours
  • Transfer from CobbLinc: 3 hours
  • Transfer from XPress: 3 hours

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Fare payment

Question: Why are transit fares so complicated?

Answer: Unfortunately, figuring out which fare to buy and where it will get you can be challenging when you cross jurisdictional boundaries. The region’s transit operators are working together to make this process simpler. But, in the meantime, be sure to take advantage of free transfers between MARTA and the other operators with the Breeze Card. More info »

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